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POWER ONE INVERTER-Outdoor models 
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2kW IP65 Grid Connect Inverter
Electrically identical to the indoor versions, Power One Outdoor inverters feature an IP65 case. It can withstand water blasts from all directions. The rugged LCD display automatically scrolls through essential data such as Energy Harvested Today, Total Energy produced, PV Array DC Voltage, etc. A soft touch button next to the display allows you to pause the display for closer viewing. The PVI-2000 outdoor unit includes a host of simple but highly effective innovations. For example, note the front mounted heatsink with vertical fins. Very simple, but highly functional. Dust falls straight through, and insect nests or infestations are easily noticed and can be easily removed.

A clean heatsink is vital for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Functional LCD text display
  • RS485 computer communications port
  • Easily maintained heatsink
  • IP65 rated case
Continuous Power Rating 2kW @ 40°C
Efficiency 96%
MPP Voltage Range 90VDC to 580VDC
MPPT Response Speed < 1 second
Weight (Kg) 12kg
Warranty 5 yr standard (+ 5 yr optional)




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