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Power One Outdoor Module

2KW AC output Grid Connect Inverter

Power One inverters give unprecedented flexibility. This due to them having the widest input voltage range of any inverter in the world. For example, with the PVI-2000-AU, you could start your system at 1kW and as circumstances permit, add 1 panel at a time all the way to 2kW. With the PVI-3600-AU, you can start at 1kW and work your way to 3.6kW. And that's even with high efficiency, low voltage panels such as the Kyocera KD180 and KD205. That is simply not possible with any other inverter. This versatility doesn't stop there however. The PVI-2000-AU comes standard with a built in data logger, computer communications, ultra light weight at 6kg, graphics energy display, $ value of generated energy, the list goes on and on. Finally, with an efficiency of 96 percent, a real time MPPT tracker, and a wide input voltage window, annual yield is far and above the nearest competition. That's good for the hip pocket, and even better for the environment.



Attractive appearance suits any indoor location
  Easy to understand graphics energy display
  Built in communications port for PC connection

Built in 365 day Data Logger

Continuous AC Output Power 2kW @ 40 degree C
Efficiency 96 percent
MPP Voltage Range 90 to 580 VDC
MPPT Response Speed < 1 second
Weight (Kg) 6kg
Warranty 5yr standard ( + 5yr optional)



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