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Suntech Standard Modules
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Suntech Standard Modules

 Suntech Mono

Suntech's Standard Modules deliver the most reliable solar power for on-grid and off-grid residential and commercial systems. Our photovoltaic modules are built with Suntech's highly regulated manufacturing standards and latest Standard technology. Suntech's Monocrystalline Standard Modules are designed to deliver the highest efficiency, while our Polycrystalline Standard Modules are built to deliver the most cost effective performance.

Reasons to choose Suntech Standard Modules:
Leading Edge Technolog
Commitment to Quality
Certifications & Warranty
Sturdy Construction

All Weather Performance
Preeminent Aesthetic Appearance
Easy Installtion

High Efficiency Monocrystalline Modules
Cost Effective Polycrystalline Modules
Designed to Meet the Unique Needs of Our Customers
Black Label™ – An all-black panel that combines the superior aesthetics of our BIPV products into a standard module suitable for mounting on top of roofs or facades.


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